Kathryn Flanagan

Kathryn Flanagan’s passion for art began as a young girl growing up in Anchorage, Alaska.  Surrounded by natural beauty and supportive people, Kathryn was destined to become an artist.  She states that there is a single ingredient that separates her discovering the artist within her and others doubting their talents.  That ingredient is desire.  Desire so strong that it enables you to accomplish the impossible.

Kathryn was determined to reach her dream.  Her desire to learn led her to another avenue.  She found artists who were willing to demonstrate their magic.  Kathryn would watch and learn.  She often wondered if she could do this.  She knew the answer was yes.  She gave herself the gift of time and committed herself to lessons for five years to see if she could learn this amazing craft.  Her dream was becoming a reality.  Kathryn creates her art in the solitude of her studio.  She describes her creative experience.

“There have been times when I would be in my studio and begin the process of creating, and then more magic would happen.  I discovered a spiritual depth I had never experienced before in my entire life.  It was as though something came through me, I left and when I returned a special piece of art had been created and left for me to sign.  I can’t really explain the process.  All I know is that a gift had been delivered through me, from Higher Power, to you?  Call it what you will but for me it was pure heavenly joy.  I wanted this experience again.  This was indeed a spiritual awakening and heaven all wrapped up in a single package.”

Along Kathryn’s path of discovery, she realized that friends, co-worker, and strangers enjoyed her expression of art.  She began to sell prints, cards and even originals.  Her first painting was a retirement gift to one of her peers.  She was stunned to learn that someone would give her money for something she loved to create.

         All of my profits go to on organization that provides food and supplies to children in a public hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  This hospital lacks the resources to buy soap, toilet paper and food. In May 2006, a snack program was started to feed the children in the hospital; as of November 2013 over 350,000 snacks have been served.    These snacks not only prevent children from going to bed hungry, sometimes children ar not dying because of their improved nutritional status.

“We are all connected.  My gift is a spiritual outlet and with this gift I can provide a financial outlet to help those stricken with hunger and poor nutritional status.  From one heart to another, we can make a difference.”

Kathryn is an inspiration for all of us.  Her childhood dream of becoming an artist was fulfilled by her desire to succeed.  She made a personal commitment to share her success with a cause that assists countless people.  In her modesty, Kathryn can simply say, “Thank you for making my dreams come true.”