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Kathryn Flanagan

I love color and am head over heels about vibrant colors.  Originally from Alaska where the winter intensities from crisp clear white to the deep dark shades of blues and greens make my heart stop. The beauty of the Northern Lights makes me cry every time.
I have been playing in watercolor for 20 years, and I have a deep need to continue this path.  I am retired now and have the energy to deepen that desire.
I began my watercolor journey 20 years ago, taking watercolor classes for my first two years with five different artists.  They all said the same thing but in a different vibe.     What I have discovered, in the past few years, is that I must paint and paint and paint.  It doesn’t mean every piece is a masterpiece.  But it does allow me to see where I need to go next.  It is just a piece of paper.  That means freedom.
Nola Allen.  Keith Artz.  Nancy Bogni. Clifford Burkey. Joan Enslin. Tis Huberth.  Sandra Kahler. Stella Canfield. These are the mentors that have shown me where I am and where I need to be.  Thanks to every one of them for their support, encouragement, and love.
I have been looking for my own, unique style.  I believe I have found it.